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  • Shell Designs
  • Heat Ranges
  • Electrode Designs

Here are some of the basic spark plug shell designs that are used by the motor vehicles of today. The metalic shell and the heat range of the spark plugs are the two most important factors of a spark plugs construction.


The operating temperature of a spark plug is the actual physical temperature at the tip of the spark plug within the running engine. This is determined by a number of factors, but primarily the actual temperature within the combustion chamber. There is no direct relationship between the actual operating temperature of the spark plug and spark voltage. Read More...

In the Empire Spark Plugs there is no closest prong. So while the ionization path is, so much as being disturbed in one area, it is being established some where else, at the same time with no regards to the distance of the gaps, because there all the same.


Spark Plugs General Overview

What is a Spark Plug Made Of?

What do Spark Plugs Do?

For those of you that are not familiar with what a spark plug is and does go to our Spark Spark Plugs General OverviewPlugs General Overview page for an illustrated look at the standard spark plugs we use everyday.


What is an Empire Spark Plug Made Of?

What do Empire Spark Plugs Do?

Take a look at the Empire Spark Plug and the patented technology that we are developing right now.

Our Spark Plugs are designed and built with precision specifications in mind, and a passion to be the best. Technology Page

Know Your Spark Plug!

Manufacturers and distributors of spark plugs always have there Spark Plug Numbering Charts.

These are part numbers not stock numbers. The part numbers describe the characteristics of the spark plug.

Shell Designs Shell Designs

The most important characteristic is the shell designs. This is the mechanical shape, that the spark plug is designed according to, so as to fit in standard applications. Read More...